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Acapulco…. warm sun, golden sand beaches, glorious nightclubs, numerous kinds of water sports, top-class and affordable hotels, best restaurants and amazing nature. In Acapulco you will find everything to make your holidays never-to-be-forgotten. The place is not only rich in hotels, beaches and nightclubs, but has a lot of sightseeings and historical events.


First Acapulco was mentioned some 3000 BC with crops rising and fishing. Some centuries past and it became a trading centre between Asia (mostly Philippines and China) and Spain, though all the goods should be sent from Acapulco to Mexico city and then to Spain. The road built in 1927 became the main connector between Acapulco and Mexico City and the first tourists rushed to the resort with a great future ahead, the future shared with famous Hollywood stars’ holidays in Acapulco and a lot of tourists all over the world and you will be among them.Mexico City and the first tourists rushed to the resort with a great future ahead, the future shared with famous Hollywood stars’ holidays in Acapulco and a lot of tourists all over the world and you will be among them.

Choice Hotels

The rest depends on the hotel you stay in. You can choose for yourself – there are a lot of luxury resorts in Acapulco, as well as many affordable  Acapulco hotels available for travelers of all kinds and budgets. There are some popular hotels among Acapulco visitors with prices varying between $55 Average Nightly Rate in the two-star Romano Palace hotel (you’ll get a room with a sea view, colour satellite TV, air-conditioning, nice bathrooms and beds ) to $239 Nightly Rate in the Quinta Real Acapulco (tropical gardens, well-known spa, swimming pools, horse riding, surfboarding or gym).

Time to visit Acapulco

Actually Acapulco can be visited any month as warm or rather hot weather is the city’s characteristic and daily sunshine will make your holidays sunny. Though there is a season of rains that runs from June to October, five months of bright sunshine at day and refreshing showers by night. No matter when you come, Acapulco will remind you of the heaven.

Acapulco Beaches

Acapulco is known for its great variety of wonderful beaches. You can find a lot of splendid beaches in the city to sun bathe and swim, though there are some glamorous beaches distant from it. Such beaches should be pointed out as Barra Vieja, a long strip of beach with few people, Playa Caleta with the Magico Mundo Marino centre with kinds of entertainments for adults and children and a huge seafood restaurant a real Mexican cuisine, Playa Hornitos for those who love safe swimming.

Any beach chosen is to be admirably clean with sparkling blue water and golden sand.


Pastime in Acapulco

If you are tired of sunbathing, swimming or slugging on the beaches of Acapulco, you will find a lot of great and more dynamic activities. The most famous are City Tour starting from USD $27.00 per person, Scuba Diving starting from USD $70.00 per person or tours through Acapulco at night. If you go fishing you will have a number of fishing charters at your disposal starting from USD $75.00 per person. It’s worth remembering that Acapulco was wide known for its numerous varieties of fish, and it was fishing that was the main reason of visiting the city.

If you love such dangerous spectacles like Bullfights you undoubtedly will be pleased, cost is about $22. And of course a great number of Water Sports kinds. Here you will find water-skies, jumping on a jet-ski, windsurf etc.

But you as well can be offered to view an awesome cliff divers’ show, both dangerous and gripping (starting from USD $75.00 per person). Though night show is the best to catch glimpse of clavadistas with torches in hands, an unforgettable view, as well as Acapulco is an unforgettable city.

The best way possible to get A Taste of Mexico is to go to one of its famous Acapulco restaurants. Here you will get a wonderful seafood menu that won’t leave you indifferent. Or visit one of glorious nightclub with a special dress code with $20-$60 cover charges or enjoy sunset at open-air bars, offering live music and beach dances. No matter what you may take up in Acapulco but for sure you will take to it and enjoy it ‘coz here you will enjoy yourself!

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