Things to do in Cancun, Mexico – A Perfect Summer Vacation

15 Oct

CancunDreaming of a perfect vacation… Or just looking for the right destination to satisfy your summer thrills? Well, you can find almost everything that you thought you have not seen before in other summer destinations – at Cancun, Mexico.

Highlights when visiting Cancun, Mexico

Cancun was purposely built for tourism purposes and has since served its purpose for the last few decades and is still continuing to mesmerize tourists of all races. In the middle of this tourist industry you can sleep like a baby and get to enjoy its white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. It is an all-year round summer destination perfect for sun dresses, shorts, sandals, and bikinis, etc. Just relax under the sun all you want and fascinate yourself with its bizarre attractions. You can pinpoint a lot of Mayan temples and ritual sites almost everywhere and try their world-renowned spas offering herbal essences that are used for ancient Mayan healing rituals. And don’t forget to scuba dive the large underwater museum that sits basically at the bottom of the ocean and go on a day-trip from the hotel city to the famous sites of Tulum and Pyramid of Chichen Itza, known as “El Castillo”.

Aside from the beaches, you get to experience and learn more about the Mayan and Mexican culture combined. And if you are a nature-lover, explore through their caves and be fascinated with the seemingly impossible rivers that actually sit underwater with waves on their own. And the place also hosts world class hotel amenities, restaurants, and you get to see spectacular performances and activities during nightlife.

Cancun is also perfect for beach weddings where you want to feel that warm breeze or just cherish precious moments with your special someone in a number of romantic sites and views. Many newly-wed couples now choose and spend their honeymoon or even comeback for anniversaries at Cancun more than anything else.


The climate in Cancun is generally sunny where the daily average temperatures range from 73°F up to 84°F. And it becomes extremely hot during the months of June and July (known as the hurricane season) where rains usually fall, and become the coldest during the month of January. The wet season runs from May to October while the driest starts from November to April. So better prepare for intense the intense if you intend to travel during the hottest months and keep track of their weather before deciding when to get to Cancun.

Money Tips

You are trying to visit another country. And certainly, NOT all the amenities are to be paid with just dollars only. You also have to learn about their currency and convert a certain amount of your US Dollars to Mexican Pesos at a rate of 1 US dollar to 13 Mexican Pesos.

So what are you waiting for? Put those fingers into typing now and search for the best rates or tour packages you can get to have that perfect sunny vacation at Cancun, Mexico.

And while you are at it, why not also go and check out Playa del Carmen!? It’s just located at the south of Cancun. And once you get there, better get those good shots at perfect timing because this adventure of a lifetime is something that you may not want to forget and something that you could share with your family.

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