21 Aug

It makes your “Mexican Holidays” even more auspicious to know about your destination. Your vacation at Cancun would be everlasting joyful experience, if you try to be familiar with some point mentioned below:

  • Airport rules and regulations

You are flying to Mexico for vacations; your destination might be Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Riviera Maya, irrespective of this you will be landing in Cancun. So you must know the rules to be follow for healthy and joyful experience.

If you land on domestic terminal then you can hire a taxi to travel to resort in case you had no prior arrangement. The visitors from other terminals have to take a shuttle service to reach at domestic terminal to avail the services of taxi. Don’t bring illegal goods and always keep your documents with you. It is important to know that lost luggage will not be the responsibility of airport authorities.

  • Health safety measures

You are in Cancun, one of the most cultured and entertaining city of Mexico for your holidays. You must take care of your health to have fun and pleasure. The resorts and hotels serve you filtered water but it is not the guarantee for your proper health. You can drink bottled water which is available everywhere in Cancun.

  • Weather at Cancun

The weather of Cancun might be unpredictable. Rainfall average is 110 mm throughout the year. There might be raining in certain period of the year and cool wind blowing at nights. So you must have warm clothes in your packing. It has two seasons, the mid part of the year like June, July and August can be humid and so on its use to get better and better. Hurricane also hit the beaches of Cancun in rainy season, so you must check the weather forecast.



  • Money exchange rate

The local currency is Pesos. You must carry local currency with you as it would be difficult for you to have a calculator in your hand and asking for exchange rate and making calculation. You can exchange currency at airport. You should avoid converting currency at shops.

  • Violation of private property rules

There are ten public points to visit the beach at Cancun. You always should use these pubic point to access the beach water. The beach front hotels are private property. The tourist and visitor from other resorts and hotels cannot use these access points. So, do not violate the private property rule in innocence.

  • Tipping against services

Tipping the person at your service is generous but in Cancun please don’t be too generous always. Always fix your traveling expense rates with drivers. The taxi drivers should not be paid extra. Tipping to hotel staff is well enough but this should not in cash. Always use small gift packs to pay gratitude.

It is always better to know about your destinations. By applying the mentioned point in your next trip to Cancun can make it even better and joyful.

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