21 Aug

The first and foremost thing while choosing a wedding destination is a fabulous location. And this is one of the most important, but most stressful decisions for a wedding couple. So to single out just one place is impossible.

No doubt Mexico is one of the most beautiful and romantic wedding destinations. It provides immense pleasure to wedding couples. It is rightly declared the sunny seventh heaven, where couples come to bind themselves in a beautiful relationship. The most important reason that makes Mexico a wedding heaven is its beautiful climate, unmatched beauty and historical culture.

To choose a wedding destination in Mexico is directly related to your and your partner’s mood, lifestyle and interests. It depends whether you are on formal or conservative side. Here we provide a list of ten sunny wedding destinations in Mexico.



  1. Cancun

Cancun basically is famous as the party hotspot, but this bustling resort town is one of the most beautiful wedding destinations in Mexico. It is situated on the Maya Reef which is world’s second largest reef. Cancun is enriched with beautiful Cenotes or underwater caves, underwater gardens and warm and clear waters which make it a beautiful marriage destination.

Cancun is a tropical paradise with many options for a beautiful wedding. It is an unforgettable wedding site with for a perfect beginning to the memorable special day. The Cancun hotels range gives you extensive choices and offers because Cancun is the center of Mexican Caribbean.

  1. Acapulco

It is a beautiful beach which provides adventurous excursions for daredevils. One who wants to arrange his wedding ceremony at a beautiful beach, Acapulco is the right destination.

The queen of Mexican beach resorts. It is an ideal wedding spot set around a crescent-shaped bay. Bill and Hillary Clinton and Lizz Taylor and Michael Cord are examples of those couples who celebrated their wedding at Acapulco.

  1. Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas commonly called Cabo is eminent for its beaches, marine life, scuba diving locations, and Balnearios. It is also declared as one of the safest tourist destinations in the world. You can bare foot on the sparkling sand on the beaches of Cabo. This is a ready- made spot for weddings. Best reception arrangements are available for the wedding couples here.

  1. Cozumel
  2. It is situated on the eastern coast of Mexico and is an island in the Caribbean Sea, which is covered with dense and impenetrable jungle having many endemic animal species. It also has the 5th largest underwater cave in the world. One can plan a unique wedding on this lovely Island with local touches and that include a mariachi band and romantic setting.
  3. Cuernavaca
  4. This city is famous for its stable climate and abundant vegetation. It is also dense d with historical buildings and museums. So a best place for a wedding couple which wants historical touch of venue on wedding ceremony.
  5. Huatulco

It is a mountainous spot and best for the couples who love mountains. It is popular for its zip lining expeditions through the jungle. With boom in ecotourism, many tourists are now travelling to Huatalco and it is another beautiful wedding destination as well.

  1. Isla Mujeres
  2. It is eastern municipal seat of Mexico and a beautiful island. It is famous for its small town charm. It has serene and calm atmosphere and provides privacy to wedding couple. It has natural beauty with perfect milliard perfect scenarios for picture perfect weddings.
  3. Merida
  4. It is known for its beautiful architecture. The city is nicknamed as “White City” due to its limestone facades lining its cobbled streets. Best wedding parties are thrown in this romantic spot.
  5. Riviera Nayarit

It is famous for its fresh seafood and tropical foods. It is also comprised of private islands with jaw-dropping views. Waikiki beach is the most beautiful and heart touching wedding spot of Riviera Nayarit.

  1. Puerto Vallarta
  2. One of the highest rated resort towns of Mexico and is nestled with beautiful bay and Mountain View for perfect vacations. The wedding couples can hire private beach spots to luxury villas. The ceremony can be performed anywhere the couple chooses; at their hotel, on the beach at a restaurant or any other place the couple chooses.

    So if you want to make your wedding a memorable ceremony, then Mexico is the best destination, which is full of diverse and beautiful wedding spots referring to all types of moods, likings and preferences. Your Mexico holidays will be of immense pleasure for you. In my words it is no doubt the wedding heaven.

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