21 Aug

It’s impossible to get to know Mexico without learning its greatest cities, to travel Mexico without visiting Oaxaca, to get the taste of Mexico without touching Oaxaca, its history, ancient old past, glorious present and promising future. It is also a great idea to start you Mexico holidays from that spot because the airfares to Oaxaca are usually cheaper and you can get yourself a very happy travel deal to Mexico, especially if it is multiple-city Mexico package. You can land in Oaxaca and depart wherever you journey will be over.

Oaxaca is famous as the ‘Jade City’ because of its green coloured stones employed in many erected buildings of the city. Oaxaca is very versatile, it’s the state’s capital, it has a rich past, a lot of historical places of interest, holidays, and a wonderful cuisine (taste the famous local comida having chocolate, corn and grasshoppers as ingredients). The place has ethnical diversity, 16 groups each having its dialect are in the region. Oaxaca is the motherland of many well-known artists, e. g. Rufino Tamayo, Francisco Toledo and Rodolfo Morales who contributed their shares to the originality of the city.



The heart of the city is zocalo dating back to 1529, most of the buildings were also built that long ago. The Cathedral of Oaxaca, Alemada de Leon, many nice cafes are located here.

Oaxaca is famous for its arts and crafts, for multicolours rugs, handmade clothes, unusual souvenirs, rich jewellery, Native Mexican pottery, and everything is of Mexican materials, made with love and devotion to this piquant and that much loved land! Oaxaca will please you with its spring weather, warm days and fresh, cooling nights.

Be sure to taste Oaxaca’s chocolate, considered as food of the gods. It was one of the Old World’s discoveries in Mexico and the first chocolate consignment in 1502 was shipped from Oaxaca, as well as unrivalled flavourings and ingredients found in the region. In Oaxaca City The Food of gods Festival is held annually in October, special tours are sold beforehand to those eager to see this magnificent event. There is even a street in the city named after the food of gods. Tours to Monte Alban, a very famous site, founded some 500 BC with nearby cafes, a museum, etc., and to the Zapotec village of carpet weavers can also be taken. You may as well visit Zaachila, the last Zapotec empire capital.

Travel Mexico and visit the World Heritage Site, as Oaxaca was proclaimed by UNESCO

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